Wide Format/Professional Print


Conbrio Print represents the two premier brands in the wide format and production print space, Canon and Konica Minolta.

Our range of wide-format printers allows you to print high quality prints of any size for your graphics, banners, drawings and industry needs. Our printers include:

•             Technical printers – print maps, plot drawings and renders with precise line quality and crisp text – in colour or black and white.

•             Graphics printers – create beautiful applications with print-to-print colour consistency and efficient, easy operation.

•             Production printers – manage your highest printing demands, from simple CAD drawings in black and white to complex colour images, all with high speed and exceptional quality.

In the professional print space we have the luxry of offering thw two leading vendors in this industry, Canon and Konica Minolta. As with all the products we offer we have a full complement of service and support to ensure the efficient and productive use of the equipment.


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